Planting a Hedgerow Vlog

In the winter of 2019/20 The Woodland Trust kindly donated a second batch of hedgerow trees for the community farm to plant around it's boarders. We had successfully planted over a hundred trees back in 2014 when the farm first opened, and by 2019 we could see the gaps that needed filling with a smaller thirty tree pack.

This time we decided to make a vlog around hedgerow planting...not just the importance of hedgerow planting, but also their maintenance, why hedgerows are important to the environment and farming, and how the farming community can look after their hedgerows in a way that enhances the flora and fauna around them.

Vlog made in 2019, and the information presented in the vlog is mainly relevant now. It is worth mentioning that to buy tree packs from the Woodland Trust, it is worth visiting their website for price lists, as they may have changed since this video was made.

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