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Our salad boxes will tantalise your tastebuds throughout the year with out side selection of edible flowers leaves, lettuces, tomatoes, pepperc, chilies, herbs and much more! We don't like packaging, so we use as little as possible, and where we can't avoid it, it's always recycled. Our food is organically grown with no chemicals at all. We treat the land, the local wildlife with as much care as we do the food we grow, and your food is so fresh that when it arrives at your door, it will have been in the ground or on the plant just a couple of hours before...that's fresh veg!


*Please note we are currently not able to provide eggs with our boxes, the chickens are on holiday!




When selecting how often you would like your veg box, you will be buying four weeks worth of veg boxes at a time. That way, once the payment is done and dusted you can sit back and look forward to your veg being delivered. Towards the end of that four weeks, we will send you a reminder email to not forget to order your next lot! That way, if you need to take a break or you're away on holiday, you can let us know and we can carry one over to the next time without messing around with your payments or fresh veg delivery. Easy peasy!

Seasonal Salad Box (1-2 people) free delivery


    We offer free delivery in the Norwich area and surrounding five miles or so. We are sorry that we can't provide veg boxes outside of this area just yet, we're small but we are growing!

    Your veg will be delivered to you fresh from the farm every Friday, so your fridge will be bursting with fresh veg over the weekend and into the following week. You let us know which Friday you want us to start delivering, and you let us know if you need to pause! And don't worry if you're not about, you can tell us where would be a good place to leave it for you.