Free Range Eggs from
  • All of our hens are free range, happy, healthy rescue girls from various previous homes. Here they get to fully recover, have heaps of space to scratch and forage around in, with perches, treats and playtime, and with plenty of tender love and care throughout their lives with us.


    And here's what makes us unique from other free range egg sellers; when the hen is too old to lay eggs we do absolutely nothing...they spend their retirement here with us, they are not culled as is the usual custom, but instead live out their natural lives as members of the farm community. As it should be. As a result, our eggs aren't just super fresh and tasty, but also ethically produced too.


    £2.50 for half dozen, £4 a dozen


    *Please note we only deliver eggs as part of our veg box scheme in addition to a veg box order, so the 'delivery day' and 'how often' selection need to match  that of your veg box order please.

    Free Range Eggs from

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    • When selecting how often you would like your eggs, it will be in conjunction with your veg box order; you will be buying four weeks/a months worth of veg boxes at a time. So if you select weekly , you'll pay for four lots of eggs up front, fortnightly you'll pay for two boxes, or just the one for one-offs. That way, once you've completed your order you can sit back and look forward to us delivering your fresh veg and eggs for the next month! Towards the end of that four weeks, we will send you a reminder email so that you don't forget to order your next lot of food. That way, if you need to take a break or you're away on holiday, you can let us know and we can carry one over to the next time without messing around with your payments or fresh food delivery. Easy peasy!


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