Courses and Classes 


We want you to come and relax, learn, be outside and enjoy all the health and well being benefits that come with getting involved on the farm.

Our unique and diverse courses and classes are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge as well as your physical and mental well being; your understanding of growing ethical food, and ways to live more sustainably and in harmony with nature around us. Set on our beautiful off-grid, no meat smallholding in the heart of the Tud Valley, you can take part in one of


Smallholder Course - 1 day (beginners)

10am - 4pm (refreshments included)

Set in the heart of the beautiful Tud Valley in Norfolk, Longwater Farm is offering a unique one day smallholders course for people who have been dreaming about, planning or have just started a smallholding. If you're just getting going, or want to explore the smallholding world more, either for your own personal enjoyment or with a mind to start your own business, this is the perfect day course for you!

The course has been developed and is led by our experienced founder and farm manager, who will be taking you through an incredible day of learning while experiencing life on an active smallholding. 

We want you to ask questions, debate the issues around ethical farming, and get as much out of the day as you can. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and get sheep cuddles too! We want you to leave Longwater Farm feeling confident and ready to start your smallholding dream.

By taking part in this course you will:

-   Learn about where to start and who can help; what are the rules, do's and don't's of getting up and running

-   What to be aware of whether you're buying or renting land and how to make this as simple a process as possible

-   Guidance to help you avoid common pitfalls, including                  planning information

-   Have a look at a variety of different types of holdings you can set up, how to plan ahead and create an income

-   Get to grips with the vital elements that your holding will need such as irrigation, soil health and land management

-   You'll get to explore the farm, meet the animals, and explore what it means to farm sustainably and ethically

-   You'll go home with a start up pack with all the info covered to help you get planning and a planning template, along with a comprehensive list of important contacts, organisations and government offices

-   A chance to ask questions of our resident expert who has been the drive behind setting up the holding, securing funding to purchase the land, set up the business, carried out the successful planning application that secured our place as a community and education farm, secured lottery funding and much more.

-   Ongoing support via email or phone for future questions.

-   And you'll leave with full tummies with lunch provided using farm and local ingredients, and cream tea at the end of the day before you head off home.

Course dates will be available after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed and the social distancing lockdown has been lifted.

Animal Care - for beginners

10am - 1pm (refreshments provided)

This half day course is designed specifically for those who want to learn animal care/husbandry. Spend the morning with us here on the farm and gain the confidence to start your own journey with animals, not just for yourself, but confidence knowing you will be providing the best care for your animals possible as you go on to continue your learning journey. This course will equip you with the basics pf how to care for a variety of farm animals as well as the rules and regulations. For each type of animal we will look at:

- Space and environment

- Fencing and neighbours

- Housing, shelter and bedding

- Paperwork, cost, rules and regs

- Illness, vets and medication

- Grooming and routine care

- Food and treats

- Why are you keeping animals - animal ethics

- What happens at the end/if you can't look after them anymore

We will be focusing the morning on the following animals:

- Pigs

- Sheep

- Goats

- Chickens

Course dates will be available after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed and the social distancing lockdown has been lifted.


Herb Walk with Coffee and Cake

10am - 12pm booking essential

Come and join us for a refreshing walk around the farm, which exists with areas shady trees, wild flowers and reeds, while learning about and picking your own wild herbs and flowers with our experienced staff. We will explore different herb uses and play a game of senses, encouraging you to connect with nature and your inner goings on. We will then take a relaxing meditative walk around the farm, identifying herbs, flowers and plants along the way. Learn which are friends (medicinal and culinary) and which to avoid. 


Breathe in the fresh and air beautiful scent of  nature, relax in all the glories and wonders that nature in summer provides while learn about the benefits of the herbs and what you can do with them over fresh filter coffee and homemade cake. A perfect relaxing morning.

Smudge Stick Making

10am - 12pm booking essential

Refreshments and materials included

Join us to learn about the traditional craft of smudge stick making, how ours and other cultures use these fantastic herbs, and have a go at making your own to take home!


It will be a relaxing and fun morning, giving you the chance to have some time for yourself. Take the time to reconnect with nature and your inner sage, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of our off grid farm. Pick your own herbs and experiment with different bundle combinations. Indulge your senses, exploring the benefits and effects from different scents. All with a cuppa and cake of course!