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Welcome to Longwater Farm

an education and community smallholding

Longwater community farm is a model for small scale agriculture that uses an organic approach with a twist; working with the local community, rethinking the accepted definition of 'organic' and constantly trying new and innovative ways to live sustainably and in balance with the environment.

Agriculture as an industry is in desperate need of change; it's relationship with the population has been damaged over the last 70 years and consumer confidence in the industry has never been lower. But the relationships between the people who grow the food and the people who eat the food is so important, and can be a very special relationship when there is balance. We work with other smallholders, agronomists, soil experts, industrial farmers, the public and a wide range of other stakeholders to make start in bridging the gap. We believe that this relationship cannot only be rebuilt but can also become stronger than ever as we, all of us, continue to affect cultural change and understanding he necessity of bringing together farming, community, nature and health.

We are an off grid, organic, non-meat farm that homes rescue farm animals in a spacious happy environment. Providing the local community with organic produce that is grown here on the farm and delivered to your door, we don't buy anything in, we don't use animals products other than what mother nature provides in the soil in our growing, we only use recycled packaging when we use packaging at all, and we don't use any chemicals. We don't do any of these things for two reasons: 1) being in balance with, and helping the environment is our highest priority, and 2) it simply isn't needed.

In addition to our tasty veg boxes which you can order from our Veg Shop, we have developed an amazing diary of courses, events and classes for you to take part in, and benefit from the physical and mental welbeing that comes from getting involved. 

Check out all the ways you can get involved here, from getting your hands dirty and learning how to grow on one of our free community growing days, learning how to look after your own garden tools and lawnmowers, taking some time out in nature for you on one of our holistic therapy in classes, to getting high quality training on our newly launched one day smallholders course. We want you to get involved, ask questions, and learn about why eating and living well is so important to all of us and to the environment that sustains us. 

In addition to this, here at Longwater Farm, we challenge ourselves; to keep learning, keep growing and keep getting more people engaged. We challenge the accepted conventions of large scale agriculture, the use of chemicals, the need for animals on a farm and we promote the need to end industrial snimal farming. We are a living, working, and thriving example of how reshaping the agricultural industry in the UK bit by bit provides food, health and conscientious living for all living beings 

The farm is located in the heart of the Tud Valley, Costessey, Norwich, and is home to an incredible array of unique wildlife. Herons, yellow wagtails, roe deer, buzzards, rabbits, song birds and pipistrelle bats are just a few of animals that live on the farm throughout the year. The farm has edible hedgerows, donated by The Woodland Trust, wild herbs and flowers, oak, ash and poplar trees.


Peaceful and bursting with life, this is the perfect place to come and relax, or get your hands dirty and enjoy a truly special place.

2019 - end of year thanks to everyone

So we have now come to the close of our first year of education sessions, courses, workshops and events, and what an incredible year it has been; we have worked with new volunteers, work placement students, refugees, animals sanctuaries, farmers, agronomists, holistic therapists, local families, animals and we have grown so much veg!

We would like to thank everyone who came along to any of the community events or classes this year, all our veg box customers, and all our incredible and inspiring partners and colleagues who helped make this year happen. Thank you also to the Big Lottery Fund, who part funded the project this year. And of course here's to all the beautiful rescue animals who have taught us all so much and are such amazing and important part of the farm community. 

Next year we will be opening again from the Easter holidays for an exciting programme of events and classes, as well as our community volunteer days and of course our famous veg boxes! 

Xmas piggies